Amanda Shaw


Amanda started singing from a very young age, this was followed by learning to play the piano and flute. Amanda has a BA (Hons) Degree in Professional Musicianship specialising in contemporary vocals through Brighton Institute of Modern Music and an FDA (Foundation Degree) through The University of Brighton in Music Production. Prior to her degree in music, Amanda studied dance, singing, acting and stagecraft at K-Bis Theatre School, Brighton.

As well as teaching music Amanda is also a professional singer-songwriter having most recently had her music featured on TV series 'Hollyoaks' through Notting Hill Music Publishing and has 5 albums available through download sites online. Amanda teaches performance as well as solid technique, having first hand experience of performing at many venues across the UK. Amanda has had a large amount of stage and writing experience and aims to use this experience to assist vocal students in developing all aspects of their voice and on stage presentation. Amanda has studied the Bel Canto method of singing, believing this to be fundamental learning in the development of many different styles of singing.

Amanda has had an extensive teaching career, having taught and facilitated music sessions for all ages and backgrounds of student. Amanda takes pride in her students' development and regularly updates her teaching skills and methods to suit. Amanda has in the past, led band and specialist vocal sessions for music charity, Rhythmix and for various Primary and Secondary Schools around Sussex where she has taught both one to one lessons, and group singing sessions. Amanda leads students through exams for ABRSM, Trinity and Rockschool for both vocals and piano and her students have received distinctions in their exams. Amanda is happy to teach those who want to go for auditions and make singing and music their career and those who want to learn for fun.

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